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The Epiphanic (and Endless!) Scarf
LaMama's Christmas Scarf - Yarn
LaMama's scarf, in progress (1)
Christmas Scarves
Maria's Scrap Scarf
Rhonda's Scarf for Stacia
Dan Ryan Scarf
Kitty Menaces Kureyon!
It was, briefly, a hat.
Bag Complete
Jessica's Mittens
Jessica's Scarf
Carrie's "Little Sister" Muffler
New Yarn Furniture
Blake Knitting
What's Mom up to NOW?
Before Nuking
Jamaica Kool-Aid Yarn
So clearly, I need more yarn to practice on.
Measuring the Yarn
Kitty Bowls Everywhere...
That '70s Colorway
Colorways, Drying
Kool-Aid Belt
Autumn Forest
Hagrid Footz the First
Hagrid Feetz!
Miriam's Scarf
Hot Saran Wrap
Bog Yarn for Matt
Day 2 Colorways, drying
Day 2 Colorways, dry
And then there were two...
Bog Yarn for Matt (Dry)
Dark Rainbow (Dry)
And then there were five...
Becca's Fribble
CareBear's Scarf
DNA Scarf
And it continues...
WeeBee's Fribble
The Yarn Bug
Belt #2 in Progress
First Sock
Jasper's Booties
Belt #2, Finished
Belt #3
Experiments with Entrelac